wood lathe workes part 2

End hollowing: The cutting tool is nearing the bottom of the vessel and the laser light shows that the turning is approaching the final wall thickness

Cutting the bottom: The hollowed vessel showing the parting tool cut leaving about one inch diameter connection with the faceplate mounted blank end. At this point the vessel is removed from the lathe remaining attached to the faceplate and allowed to dry for a couple of days. The vessel bottom dries better if parted in the fashion shown.

Sanding the exterior: After drying for a couple of days the vessel is remounted on the lathe for final exterior sanding using a foam pad drill mounted sander. Sandpaper is used to sand in the vessel opening as far as one can reach. Final sanding is done using up to 600 grit sandpaper.

Remove from faceplate: The hollow turning is band sawed free of the wood base and faceplate

Carve bottom: An air die grinder and power carver is used to remove the bottom attachment. The bottom of the vessel is allowed to dry for a day or two.

Sand bottom: The vessel bottom is now sanded with a foam sander.
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