China Wood Lathe machine

Product Description Technique Data:

1) Motor speed: 20, 000rpm
2) Headstock speed: 2, 000rpm
3) Motor input: 14.5VDC / 2000mA
4) Max. Cutting diameter: 45mm(bigger diameter is possible with intermediatepiece)
5) Center distance: 135mm(with accessories extra long machine bed can longer to 360mm)
6) Material: Carbon steel, Aluminum, ABS
7) All types of wood (also hard wood) can be processed
8) Recommended types of wood: Lim wood, birch, maple, pear tree, cherry tree (medium hard), beech tree, oak (hard) and so on.
9) Every suitable chisel and gouge can be used
10) Maximum measurements on 3D(cm L/W/H): 28/10/10
11) Net weight: 1.28kg

Company: Shenchuang Electronic Co.,Ltd.
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