Wood turning work step by step

Trimming the bark: Bill trims an Elm greenwood log for hollow vessel turning. The elm tree was cut down in Lafayette California because it was interfering with electrical power lines.

Mount the wood on the lathe: The turning blank is mounted with faceplate and live center in the tail stock. The blank diameter does not allow room for the tool rest on the lathe bed to be used so an auxiliary tool rest is used clamped to the lathe table.

Reduce Speed: Homemade "jack shaft" speed reducer cuts the lathe speed to about 400 rpms. The reduced speed is sometimes necessary for unbalanced turnings. The lower speed seems to work fine for all round turning and sanding as well

Rough turned cylinder:The turning blank is rough turned to a cylinder shape and is ready for exterior shaping.

Shaping the exterior: The tool rest is removed to better display the exterior shape of the soon to be hollow turning.

Hollowing begins: The laser light is shown on the lip of the vessel as the cutting tool moves in the opening.
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