Sprayed Lacquer - Wood turning Techniques

  • Pros Easy to apply.
  • Quick process.
  • 100% adhesion with underlying layers.
  • Easy to rub out.
  • Cons Not as scratch resistant.
  • Low solids content, requires several coats.


This procedure is for spray can applications only, in particular, Deft lacquer products.

1. Use the gloss sheen for the initial coats of finish. If you are applying this finish to unsealed wood the first coat of finish will act as the sealer, spray on two to three even coats. If you are applying it to a surface that has been sealed, spray on two even coats. Allow the finish to dry.

Note: common pigment and gel stains will seal a surface.

2. Lightly sand with 220 or 320 grit paper, wipe any dust from the surface and spray on another coat of the gloss sheen, allow to dry.

3. Depending upon absorption, you may need to repeat the previous step until the surface is smooth.

4. Lightly sand with 320 or 400 grit paper and wipe the dust from the surface. You may switch to another sheen now if desired. Spray on this coat and allow to dry.

5.Inspect the surface and repeat the previous step if desired.

6. You may choose to leave the surface as-is, or rub it out depending upon the look desired.

7. To rub out the surface, sand it lightly with used 1000 grit paper then switch to #0000 steel wool. Lacquer rubs out very easily, use just enough force to make sure every surface has the same sheen. Thoroughly clean the surface and apply a paste wax or furniture polish.

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