wood turning - what we need for turning

The need for turning

In this case, the objective is that the learner is able to take the turning into one of the design and machining of wood as an alternative.

When considering the use of wood and the circular forms of access to wood products, we are turning the needs and forms of the world. Furniture and other joinery products needed to manufacture products and product parts, which is practically possible to produce only a lathe. The extent to which products, turned products and turned parts needed depends on the timing values and attitudes. Turned wood is an alternative to other choices. Influence the choice include the following elements:

Are the round shapes in vogue? Angular plate manufacture is not required turners.

Pictured turned round and square objects

Is wood generally in vogue? For example, metals, plastics, glass and stone is also used in many products, materials.

Pictures of objects made of different materials


Peeled puukulho is many times more expensive than the same use of a suitable plastic mass produced.


In a hot oven is safer to put a ceramic or glass food dish than puuastia.


microwave oven


Is the product intended for long term or only for single use.

Disposable mugs and long-lasting Kuksa

Serviceability and hygiene?

How do I clean and refurbish puuesineen when I know that the tree can not withstand constant machine washing.

Picture of the school kitchen, where the wooden objects are not

Beauty Values?

A well-designed peeled puuesine by most to be beautiful.

Turned wooden objects

However, people have always been fascinated by the round shape, such as circles, ovals, and the ball arc. Correspond to natural forms, such as sun, moon, pearl, bird's egg, and a rainbow is perceived as a beautiful and fascinating. Also, as a genuine natural material, wood is generally valued. These positive valuations take care of that, turned wood products will never pass away the product mix. From time to time, they are even in vogue.

The conclusion of the need to

Machining is the production of goods but also other meanings. People have a daily perustarpeittensa also need to realize themselves, to do something with their own hands. Wood turning, offers what the best opportunity to make their own work and seeing the result. Turner may be a small moment of coarse, indefinite-shaped wood blocks modified smooth, symmetrical and round shaped workpieces. When these songs can also be used for many purposes, is working to satisfy the award, except that the impact on the economy. A significant number of homes for use and decorative objects made from it is a voluntary recreational activity district. Hobby to develop skills. Conventional solutions are not always enough to make new products, but must invent new kiinnittämistapoja, chisels, methods, structures and materials. This design and development will continue and turning and through the entire wood products industry will evolve.الاستماع
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