Turning wood between hobby and professional

Turning wood is a hobby before they are career making money, it's a profession paired the wood with fingertips  Turner responsive in their work to his sense emanating from the spirit of the melt in the workmanship art and creative to pronounce wood silent until becoming masterpiece  Turner the accuracy of manufacture and splendor of harmony and exquisite consistency and excellence in  Turner skill.

In player Kharrat always show chaos artists usual, you see the hull of a tree lying on the ground next to him sawmill wood has commented blades on the wall, and wooden shelves by some of the achievements of Kharrat, legs wooden tables forms exquisite and legs for wheels clothes, and other Trpizzat and have all been made by (Alcataluk) There are heart (hookah) is also different forms, and equipment uses wooden kitchen (rolling pin) slavery dough, and (Nashabeh) for the maker of sweets and beautiful wooden pieces for display and Asamadaat of different animals to cups and .. and .. Etc..

The types of wood they use there Timber national Kaljos, poplar, willow and cypress, acacia, berries, apricots and fir, each with their own specifications and uses of the hardness and resistance to water, and it was still made of walnut heart waterwheel that take place on the Orontes to raise the water where irrigate orchards and bathrooms, homes, mosques, and there is also a imported wood and Kasindian (PlayStation bush) and (Almicano) and Tiger and dander (Alclair).

The stages of the work they start cutting the wood required measurements necessary by sawmill electrical Then comes the first stage in the manufacturing and call it stage (Kurdification) is the process of forming and molding wood as required, and this process was done in ancient times by a machine called (lathe on the bow) which is about arc Wooden him Water from leather belts high damage by the piece of wood to be manufactured and spin moves the bow back and forth, however Kharrat at a time holding it in his hand other chisel and shared in his finger great foot, and machine Kurds Kqguarh stuffed in the kitchen to eat from the wood in the process of Kurdification, then by chisel or The scraper Ptenaim wood, then there is (Naqqar) which highlights (Albjør), which highlights the protrusion of the piece of wood to settle down in a hole matching the measured piece to contribute to the installation and to highlight the shape of the decorative piece.

Are actually machines and simple tools used in the stages of the work is complex, but above all governed and managed by imagination creative artist used his fingers charming while petting wood Vintage those artifacts that provide us with pleasures visual with collected for the benefit of their use, the Gourmet in carpentry for the richest them for Kharrat in Badi their making was to craft a big role in turning Arab houses, the splendor of the Arab processing furniture.

Turning Wood profession career-making beauty, and the greatest profession when practiced by the manufacturer to be a hobby Papa earning a living.
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